Thursday, July 29, 2021

Juslime - Nobody (Drops July 30th)

New Single From Juslime "Nobody" Drops July 30th Pre-Save Today!

This single will be available on all DSP's July 30th!! Make sure you pre-save today by clicking here.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

JLC Ft. Crystal Lalucci x Dee Stakz "No Walls" (Single)


A.A.G. Records and JLC present his latest, explicit track “No Walls” available now on digital platforms. The single features Crystal Lalucci and Dee Stakz.

The cinematic melodies along with striking tones and knocking bass sets the tone for this exclusive, grown folk’s music.  There’re women out here with no walls slipping and sliding through the streets living a loose lifestyle and both JLC and Stakz hold no bars calling them out.  However, take heed to Lalucci’s verse as she declares her search for a man who’s packing and stacking jewels on her wrist.

“No Walls” is sure to create waves of steam adding to summer’s scorching temperatures. Stream “No Walls” and connect with the artists below on Instagram.




Wednesday, July 21, 2021

T-Cush defines how a summer vibe should look like with new song "Big Dawg" @tcushofficial

When it comes to getting rich, you only focus on things that will get you to that goal. There is nothing like cash money, women, good smoke and true friends to celebrate with.

Representing Lawrenceville, Georgia comes an artist named T-Cush who at 10 years old started his love for music. Fast forward to 2021 he connected with production company Since Day 1 Records LLC to release the single "Big Dawg". This song talks about the Rich life, along with living it by having fun, smoking good and everything else that comes with having a good time.

Lyrically T-Cush is selling a vibe, lifestyle, a way of life that anyone who considers themselves a “Big Dawg” should be living. Everything from engineer, production, lyrics and even the official video is on point from start to finish. If T-Cush is attempting a certain vibe then he accomplished, it with flying colors.

Stream the official video for “Big Dawg” now on YouTube.

Social: @tcushofficial

Booking: Antonio Lewis CEO

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

"Frozen Mugs" (LP) by Maylay Sparks, Clever 1, & K-Sluggah


Blacbird Records along with Maylay Sparks, Clever 1, and K-Sluggah announce the release of their collaborative album ‘Frozen Mugs’ available now on all digital platforms with distribution by PHI Records. The 12-track project includes features from D.J. PH, DJ Too Tuff, Malik B (The Roots), Chukk Rukkuz, Planet Asia, Rocc Spotz, Briefcase Bugg, and Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo.

The dynamic trio of Maylay Sparks (Philly MC), Clever 1 (Chicago MC), and K-Sluggah (Swedish producer/MC) have rubbed mics and stages with Hip Hop legends and music icons for over a decade, so it only made sense they linked to curate and deliver an epic dose of earmilk. Hip Hop purists, prepare to be compelled by an overflowing kaleidoscope of gritty head-nodding production, classic cuts and scratches, edgy wordplay, and raw lyricism…

Stream/download ‘Frozen Mugs’ on preferred platforms below and stay tuned as vinyl, cassettes, and CD’s will be available in August. sparks


Catch a glimpse into the album by D.J. PH of Zulu Nation, Marseille

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Instagram: @phirecords @phienterprises


Instagram: @ksluggah

Maylay Sparks:

Instagram: @rahmaylay

Clever 1:

Instagram: @getclever1


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Russdiculous feat. Lil B - Phone Tag | @Specter_Smit @russdiculousent @lilbthebasedgod

Russdiculous feat. Lil B - Phone Tag 
Russdiculous Records / Stay Laist Ent presents Russdiculous feat. Lil B - Phone Tag. The song “Phone Tag” was released on July 15, 2021 on all digital platforms. It is produced by KY Engineerin. KY Engineerin is a legendary producer and he has mixed multi-platinum records under his name. This collaboration is going to be amazing. For Lil B, it can be just another track with an artist, but for Russ Smith it means so much more. He appreciates what Lil B has done so far, and now he has a chance to collaborate with him. The fans are eagerly waiting for the official music video to be released until then enjoy the track "Phone Tag" out on all digital platforms!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Divita Debuts 'Introspection' EP and "Deep End" Video

Teenage UK hip-hop artist Divita recently releases visuals to his new single “Deep End”,  the first single off of his debut EP “Introspection” available now on all digital platforms.

“Deep End”, created by UK producer Frosty Beats, is an introspective banger about redemption and turning from a negative lifestyle of theft and fraud to trying to live for God and living a life of purpose.

“Rap shouldn’t be meaningless and repetitive, but neither should it be full of meaning and also not enjoyable, there has to be a balance between having a ‘banger’ while underlying meaning.” - Divita.

Divita named the EP “Introspection” because of the importance of ‘Introspection’ and ability to deeply evaluate yourself. “Growing up especially with my faith as a Christian has propelled me to go into deep evaluation of my identity and the purpose I live for,” says Divita. “That’s why naming the EP I wanted it to revolve around deep thought, purpose and motivations.”

Watch “Deep End” and stream/download the “Introspection” EP here:

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

D-Rage Debuts 'Deep Fire' Album


Hawaiian Hip Hop artist D-Rage releases his debut album titled ‘Deep Fire’ available now on all digital platforms. The 10-track project features B.Dvine, STS Blue, Thomas Coppola, Truck Jewels, and Gray Ston3.

D-Rage brings his A-game along with raw emotion and blatantly honest rhymes. He holds no bars when it comes to his past filled with demons, pain, tears, and self-medication. But don’t get it twisted, D-Rage is claiming his life back both as a man and a wordsmith.

The Breakout sets the album off with D-Rage declaring his readiness to rise. Unlike others, he is on another level and not skipping any corners or taking the fake route. In Cross The Line D-Rage’s cut-throat lyrics paint a vivid scene of the consequences and repercussions one might face for crossing him.

The Realest serves as the album’s anthem with a catchy hook sure to resonate. Still on his quest to rise from the ashes, D-Rage’s mental and physical are unstoppable. He vows not to fall for any facades or cookie-cutter bullsh*t. Listeners are sure to get inside the mind of D-Rage in Sacreligious. He shares about the trouble he’s conjured up from childhood to adulthood both in the home and in the streets. Sheesh piggybacks as we learn D-Rage is a natural psycho who needs to be put on chill mode. However, given the current state of the world, it makes sense he’s prepared for war…Vicious Malicious is a track for those who’ve done D-Rage wrong dating back to the third grade. For them, his dark intentions remain afloat.

Eyes on the Prize reflects on D-Rage’s driving force to exchange pills and excuses for a name in the game. This is the start of his shine and the start of him going places. All eyes are on him while his eyes are on the prize. Want What I Want reinforces his direction towards the prize, yet this menace at heart will move his own way with a back seat of alter egos.

In Deep, D-Rage takes listeners to a period where he was lost in negativity with a deleted soul. He depicts a life of being brainwashed, surviving only by his tears. The Warning mops up those minutes of sadness and brings us back to D-Rage in real-time…An artist ready to shake the game and rumble with the best in the game...D-Rage is here to make a name for himself by any means.

‘Deep Fire’ is brimming with gritty bass, striking tones, and cinematic vibes that heighten and intensify D-Rage’s emotion and complexity. Those unfamiliar with the Hawaiian sensation will become well versed after listening to ‘Deep Fire.’

Stream/download ‘Deep Fire’ here on preferred platforms

Saturday, July 10, 2021

AztroGrizz - Whistle Blow (Official Video)


AztroGrizz - Whistle Blow (Official Video)

Get to know AztroGrizz Jon and Ster. "I can kill a mountain lion with my fucking bare hands.” If this hits home with you, then Aztrogrizz is the rap group for you. If killing a mountain lion is not your thing then Aztrogrizz is still probably the group for you. Beats and rhymes written in the 303, Aztrogrizz is Colorado through and through. Born and raised in the shadow of the Rockies, the boys of Aztrogrizz are looking to change the world of rap, on stage fashion and ridiculousness. Get to know us and our music because we’re coming for you.

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Pimpin Ain't Easy (Remix) Extraordinaire & Black Folk Inc., Too $hort, Chillmode (Official Video) | @3xtraordinaire

Pimpin Ain't Easy (Remix) Extraordinaire & Black Folk Inc., Too $hort, Chillmode (Official Video)

Extraordinaire and his BFI label present the new animated music video "PIMPIN AIN’T EASY (Remix)" featuring Too $hort, Black Folk Inc., Chillmode and is produced by Extraordinaire. The single is from Extraordinaire's latest project Extraordinary Volume 1 released earlier this year. Watch now and enjoy.

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Monday, July 5, 2021

EDM has a new rising star, and his name is Marquette King | @MarquetteKing

Marquette King has recently been building a strong buzz on the EDM scene through DJ’n as well as his artistry. He has accumulated thousands of streams and views through Youtube, Spotify, and his social media platforms. King has proven to be a jack of all trades with the emergence of his music career. Many people first heard of him from being a Fort Valley State football standout which later became a promising NFL player. Whether you knew Marquette from football or you’re finding out about him today, one thing for sure is his music is pretty dope, and deserves to be heard. Check out his single “AirBnB” on all digital streaming platforms and the official video is on YouTube. Be on the lookout for “AirBnb” as it premieres soon on national television.

Official Music Video:

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Friday, July 2, 2021


Meet King Nell (born Cornelius Deschamps on December 23, 1988) and Neph Da Don (born Kenneth Williams on September 10, 1986), the dynamic urban duo known throughout the nation as Da Fleet X. Originating in the southeast district of Washington, D.C., King and Neph began their journey independently as solo artists before collaborating to formulate one of the most reputable groups to flourish inside, as well as, outside of their region. Following the success of their first two independent projects; “Welcome to the Fleet Show” and “Made Kings” which have been distributed on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio, they landed their first major joint-venture with It’s Gorgeous Musique, in the summer of 2020. Since their signing, they have gone on to release, what would be their first single under It’s Gorgeous Musique, “Back N Better”, which did phenomenal on Spotify by boosting overall listeners, streams, and downloads, as well as, 6k views generated on Youtube. Having performed their hit single throughout the country, their following has increased substantially, thus creating fanfare for their upcoming release, “ZaZa” featuring BWA Kane on June 25, 2021. When asked about who were some of their most influential inspirations in Hip-Hop culture, King had this to say, “Our biggest motivators and inspirations resemble the Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop because they include Three 6 Mafia, UGK, 8ball & MJG, LL Cool J, Big Krit, and Trae da Truth. As one could imagine, this list of inspiration and key motivators has helped push us to bigger platforms and bigger opening performances. One of those notable performances was opening for Pastor Troy, which his concerts are something to remember”. Da Fleet X represents the new generation of District natives with a powerful message for the rest of the world. As sons, fathers, brothers, and artists in the culture, they strive each day to, not only perfect their craft but also perfect themselves and provide resources for their communities to benefit from in a meaningful way. Fleet in here... We in here!

Stay Connected IG @iamdafleetx Twitter @DaFleetx

B.Dvine "What The Wave Is" Ft. T-Pain & D-Rage (Animated Video)


B.Dvine releases animated visuals for “What The Wave Is” featuring T-Pain and D-Rage with production by B.Dvine. The track is off his new album ‘Culture Shock’ available now on digital platforms.

This crew is bringing the new wave with catchy, invigorating tones and a steadfast flow of rhymes and wordplay. Flying through galaxies, surfing across worldly oceans, and driving through mountains, they have no problem letting everyone know what the wave is.

B.Dvine, T-Pain, and D-Rage embody a lyrical takeover that can’t be touched. Watch the animated video (by @toondoutmedia) and connect with the trio below.

Stream/download “What The Wave Is”

‎What the Wave Is (feat. T-Pain & D-Rage) - Single by B Dvine on Apple Music

What The Wave Is - Single by B. Dvine | Spotify

What The Wave Is (feat. T-Pain & D-Rage) [Explicit] by B. Dvine on Amazon Music -

What The Wave Is created by B. Dvine | Popular songs on TikTok

What The Wave Is (feat. T-Pain & D-Rage) - B. Dvine - Deezer

Stream/download ‘Culture Shock’ album here on preferred platforms

 Stream/download D-Rage's 'Deep Fire' album here on preferred platforms


Instagram: @BDVINE631 @tpain @d_rage808ns


Divine Time Enterprises (

B.Dvine Music — Official Website of B.Dvine! (

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Vi City - LenCiaga

Vi City Continues His 2021 Run With His Latest Smash “Lenciaga”!

Hundreds Entertainment Corp artist Vi City returns with a fly new single for the summer titled “Lenciaga. Stream “Lenciaga, and his other tracks on Apple Music, SpotifyYouTube and all streaming platforms.

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Read more about Vi City here: Chicago Native Vi City Releases A Brand New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv