Thursday, January 14, 2021

[New Music] Money Makin Marco - Extra Drip

Money Makin Marco aka Cookieman drops his new single letting everyone know when he steps out, he rocks that 'Extra Drip'

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JRUEBY - "I Didn't Have a Title For This" (Video)


JRUEBY releases visuals for his single “I Didn’ Have a Title For This.”  The single is produced by DJ Flippp (Trippie Redd, Famous Dex) and available on all major platforms.  

The New Providence, NJ-based artist delivers minutes of invigoration. Over bouncy, trap-infused beats, he shows off his entertaining moves in the studio and on the b-ball court. His zany wordplay along with a catchy hook is sure to have folks jumping in the club, gyms, and through the streets. Watch “I Didn’t Have a Title For This” and connect with JRUEBY below.

Instagram, TikTok, Beatstars, and Clubhouse – @jrueby

Twitter – @jrueby908

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Philly Blocks - Mr. 17th Vlog (Ep. 1)


After the success of ‘Mr. 17th’ the EP, Philly Blocks releases a follow-up, Mr. 17th Vlog.

In episode 1 the Louisville star coined the “Prince of the Ville” brings fans for an up-close and personal journey through the streets where his come-up began. Take heed to the narrative back story, grab your copy of ‘Mr. 17th’ the EP here on preferred platforms, and connect with Philly Blocks on Twitter and Instagram @phillyblocks.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Pac'Liyah - Bitch Moodz (Single)


Multi-faceted artist Pac’Liyah releases her latest single through Sony.

Known as an “emotional gangster” and lover girl with a boss b*tch attitude, Pac’Liyah holds true to that coined signature in “Bitch Moodz.”

Pac’Liyah is bringing vibes and setting moods with ruthless bars over clapping bass and drums. She’s sure to have everyone bumping in the clubs and through the streets. Stream “Bitch Moodz” and connect with Pac’Liyah below.



Sunday, January 10, 2021

DEMO - Hey Sofia


DEMO - Hey Sofia

International artist DEMO brings funky fusion of sounds with new single ‘Hey Sofia’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Fusion of sound is a staple for international artist DEMO. With a funky blend of R&B and Rock that features influences of Pop and Dance Hall vibes, DEMO has the kind of unique sound and style that truly caters to a wide audience all over the globe. That one-of-a-kind sound is put on full display with his new single “Hey Sofia,” set to drop wide across all streaming platforms the first week of January.

With a funky R&B swag that has a great bassline and groovy guitar licks, “Hey Sofia” is a song about finding inspiration in the midst of a creative slump. DEMO said the song was born from his own battle with creative frustration during a time when he was looking to expand his reach as an artist. The accomplished singer/songwriter has worked with international artists and producers for many years, and his move to LA was in an effort to take his career to the next level.

“Sofie is like a muse, and she’s a metaphor for the thing that helps you find inspiration from others,” DEMO said. “It’s a song about finding inspiration in the midst of whatever artistic endeavors you’re involved in. It’s a good song for the clubs and it’s very good to dance to.”

Over the course of his young career, DEMO has become known for seamlessly fusing wisps of Pop, Funk, R&B and Electronic into a smoke signature Indie sound. His lyricism – ranging from morose to whimsical – offers an unvarnished reflection of life and self and relies heavily on metaphoric imagery. 

“I’ve played mostly in Rock bands growing up, but with some of my more recent music, I’ve been able to fuse sounds of Rock and Funk with a producer who is more into Electronic Synth sounds,” DEMO said. “My sound is harnessing the Rock and R&B and fusing that with Electronic Synth into a sound that I think is pretty unique. Ultimately, I want to be known for being introspective while having sounds that are playful. ‘Hey Sofia’ is very dancy and poppy and fun, but the lyrics are about a person who is unsatisfied with his creativity in music. It is self-criticism done in a way that’s more fun. The lyrics are more in depth and prone to making people think, but it’s a song that’s going to help people have fun. You could almost ignore the lyrics and just dance if you want to.”

DEMO has seen some success over the years and has had the opportunity to perform at notable venues across the U.S. and France, including the 9:30 Club in Washington DC and the Gibus Club in Paris. In addition to “Hey Sofia,” he has also released a funky single called “A Different Way” which is getting some good attention, and he’s also working toward a bigger project that he plans to release in mid 2021.  

To listen to DEMO’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“A Different Way”

Saturday, January 9, 2021

YOUWIN - Sad Boy Season (Album)


YOUWIN releases his new 7-track project titled ‘Sad Boy Season’ available now on all major platforms.

Contrary to the title, there’s nothing sad about this young Bucks County rapper or charting new project. ‘Sad Boy Season’ captures YOUWIN’s clever rhyme schemes in a fashion that both old school and new school can embrace all while proving just why he can’t be boxed into one lane.

The invigorating kaleidoscope of cadences and tones adds a certain incomparable hype to the project. Stream ‘Sad Boy Season’ and connect with YOUWIN on Instagram @webothwin.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Chicago Rapper Taco Releases New Album "Underrated"

Chicago Rapper Taco Releases New Album "Underrated" 
Passion, hunger, determination and consistency are just a few words that come to mind when you hear of Chicago Rapper Taco. Taco was born and raised in the rough streets of Chicago on the Southwest side in a housing project called “LeClaire Courts,” which isn’t known for its grittiness. Many people call Taco “The Diamond in The Rough,” because of the success he's had in his music career, despite coming from such a tough environment. 
Taco is the latest to grab the attention of music industry insiders. The main thing that sets him apart from his peers is the variety of music he offers. Taco literally has a song for everyone. He's one of the most versatile artists in Chicago. Taco rose to regional prominence thanks to the success of his song “Stayed Down,” a street banger that impacted well at radio. With other songs like the catchy “Never Change Up,” he’s already proven that he has a variety of styles at his disposal. He makes songs that people can relate to and he proudly carries Chicago on his shoulders. 
Taco built his name by headlining and selling out concerts at numerous major venues in Chicago. The period of 2018-2019 was successful for the rhyme slinger  due to the fact that he had 11 consecutive sold out concerts in venues such as Wire, Bottom Lounge, Reggies, Subterranean, Bourbon On Division, Club Red, and JC Martini Club. He even had a concert on the "Summers of George" Boat. 
Equally important, Taco also sold out his dream venue The House Of Blues in 2019 with 1300 people in attendance. In late 2020 Taco inked his first major deal with "Sony" (The Orchard). His newly released album "Underrated" is why we're here! The critically acclaimed album is now available on his official website: 
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Spotlite Ft. Jim Jones - M.E.H (Video)


When the Midwest and East coast meet it's a 7:30 situation…Spotlite the St. Louis 730 dips representative patches in with the Vampire of Harlem, Mr. Capo status himself Jim Jones for “M.E.H. (My Environment Hustled).”

The two street vet's trade bars on the ups and downs and lessons learned from their respected environments. Watch the video and connect with Spotlite and Jim Jones below.

Spotlite on Twitter and Instagram @spotlite730

Jim Jones on Instagram and Twitter @jimjonescapo

Monday, January 4, 2021

JLC x Judy Drama x Dee Stakz - Welcome to Da Jungle


Texas natives JLC and Judy Drama recruit Melbourne’s Dee Stakz for new single/video titled “Welcome to Da Jungle.” This fierce trio is unstoppable and on the move with nothing to lose. They can survive the jungle in all forms and come out on top of the game. The Cinematic production heightens the raw and gritty lyrics…Connect the dots while they claim their earned respect. Watch the video and get the inside scoop on “Welcome to Da Jungle” below.

MJ:  Before we jump into the video, how did everyone link up, especially with Dee Stakz who resides in Melbourne?

JLC: It basically started from Instagram with Dee Stakz showing love and reached out to me with marketing questions. While I was growing and moving in the scene, I watched him grow as well. I had a track that I wanted a different sound and knew with his character and talent that it would be a hit. He came through with a verse, for the video, and the rest is history!  As far as Judy, I kept her hearing her name in the scene and popping up on social media. I was drawn to her style and sway and the fact that she was also from Texas. We connected, and again the rest is history

MJ:  What was the goal with this single/video? Let us in on the process from the creative spark to the finale. Is it receiving the proper accolades you were expecting it to? 

JLC: The goal was to provide fans with something they can relate to and show them they can come out as we did and to reach as many as we can! I came up with the idea as I was riding through my old hood in Fort Worth and just thinking how bad it was back in the day. I mean you had to constantly watch your back and watch who you let in your circle and it was people constantly getting robbed and set up. It's like that now, but back in the 90's, it was three times as bad. As of now it’s nothing but good reviews and it’s just been a couple of weeks, as it spreads, we are looking forward to seeing how different crowds respond.

MJ:  Was it difficult to shoot the video during a heightened period of COVID-19? Why is it important for you to continue to curate during the pandemic? 

JLC: Actually, it was easy. It was kind of an in and out thing when you shoot so many videos you just do your thing and roll out, and I think I can speak on behalf of everybody on that note! I believe it was Dee Stakz’s first video, but you would never know it, he handled business! The pandemic is an opportunity for more exposure as people are watching more TV and have more of an online presence.

MJ:  Talk about the chemistry between the three of you and how individual styles complemented one another.

JLC: Everybody is just down to earth and got jokes so that really makes it easy when everyone has the same goal in mind and takes their careers seriously. Our styles in my opinion with each verse is a different feel and different tone, talking about a different scenario with the same topic, and it makes it both interesting and captivating.

MJ:  Take a minute to share with fans about upcoming solo or more collaborative projects.

JLC: I can't talk about that…but we have a lot of people watching us and don't want us, especially me, to go far in the industry. Our ideas are unique, and we must keep them secured until it’s release time.

MJ:  Please take a moment to share anything else fans should be on the lookout for and how they can connect with you for updates and new music. 

JLC: They can go to Amazon and read my E-Book “Hip Hop Marketing A Dirty Game” for some tips on marketing. I have some collaborations in the works and more music endeavors on the way so stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram @jlcaagrecords, on Twitter @allaroundaag, on Facebook at AAG Records, and on the web at  

Friday, January 1, 2021

[New Single] Juliano - Grateful | @juliano_zone6

Atlanta, Zone 6 artist Juliano talks about his appreciation for everything in this new single 'Grateful'

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Professor-X TNE "Handicap Rappuhh" (Single)


Professor-X TNE releases his latest single “Handicap Rappuhh” produced by Dboyz.

The Westcoast artist takes fans and listeners on a ride through his trials and tribulations, as well as what it’s like living as a handicap rappuhh. Listen to the track below and connect with Professor-X-TNE on Instagram @professorxtne1.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sakx Fifth 100 - Live Fast Die Young


Sakx Fifth 100 Delivers The Heat With New Single Stream “Live Fast Die Young” On All DSP’s!

Creating waves in the northeast Ohio The Campaign WORLD100 Recording artist Sakx Fifth 100(25) recently dropped his latest album/EP “The Deep End” in November, 2020. Sakx Fifth also has a new single “Live Fast Die Young“ which was produced by JakeSand. You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and all digital streaming outlets.

With his unorthodox style and distinctive sound Sakx Fifth 100 is making waves all across the northeast Ohio region and the midwest. Being the underdog coming from a small city, Youngstown Ohio. He still manages to out work his competitors. And determine at Beating the odds at all cost . His 2021 album , 100 LVLS TBA Next year.

Social Media Info:

Twitter: @SakxFifthGod
Instagram : @Sakxfifth100

YouTube: Sakx Fifth 100
SoundCloud: Campaignworld100
Spotify: @SakxFifth100
Apple Music: @SakxFifth100

Monday, December 28, 2020

Quon - Go Get It (Official Video) @misterquon

Majestic Music Quon drops another banger, and the official music video for "Go Get It". The new hot single "Go Get It" is a dope track that is sure to catch the ear of the streets. Go Get It is Quon's view as a veteran of getting money, and how to Go Get It by any means necessary. Go watch the official music video, check the production and Quon's raspy voice over the 808 makes this song a definite heater Go Get It. Make sure to listen and stream "Go Get It" on all digital platforms.

Quon - Go Get It (Official Video)

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