Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Miss Sosa puts life experiences to music in new single "Not The One"

When life gives you a calling, it may take years before you understand why it's calling, why you’re the one chosen to give the world a gift you knew you had but wasn't quite sure it was for you. A lot of artists dive into the music world because it’s a trend but when music is your gift, it becomes the reason you stand out. Sometimes you must go through painful life lessons before you take that risk, but once you do it’s all elevator from there ask Miss Sosa.

Miss Sosa is an R&B artist from Kentucky who has lived in Atlanta for the last 8 years. Miss Sosa learned that music was her calling and with constant validation from those who heard her music, she took the opportunity to introduce those who don't know her, why they should. If you love R&B, then you were introduced to a type of music that will emotionally put you in different places often. Miss Sosa's music is just that, so to continue with that R & B feel she teamed up with producers Brittany Mayes & Chris Davis for her new single "Not The One".

Before we dive deep into her new single, it’s important to learn more about the artist. Miss Sosa writes her own music and at times brings in her friend Mika Means to help during the creation process.

If you've ever been in a relationship where the person you were with failed to treat you right, and took you for granted then you will relate to "Not The One''. Miss Sosa talks about catching a man with another girl and thinking he can come back, that’s when she quickly lets him know I’m"Not The One".

Everything from beat production, engineering and vocals are top notch when listening to this record. The music she is currently making has been lost for a long time and Miss Sosa is determined to bring R&B music back as she knows it and true fans know it today.

Stream "Not The One" available on all digital platforms now.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Get Familiar with Delaware Artist 302smoove

302smoove is an artist from Delaware born and raised he is from the Newcastle area. His style of music is Rap and R&B he likes to mix up the flow and get a feel for different sounds. 302Smoove has been making music since 2016 at age 15.  He uses his music as a way to express himself and promote his lifestyle. 302smoove has recently dropped his first album called “Indie Artist “ the name of the album is short for Independent Artist . You can check it out on all streaming platforms and follow his social media accounts for updates on upcoming shows, interviews and music videos.

302smoove new single "Problems" is now available on all streaming platforms check out the visual shot by Dmose Productions below.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Extraordinaire releases his official music video 'Ms. Gottabody' ft. Chillmode

Tennessee artist Extraordinaire links with R&B sensation Chillmode for the single "Ms. Gottabody", a tribute to beautiful women of all body types.

You can listen to this catchy single via your favorite digital platform with the link below: https://album.link/i/1639849741

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Quashawn Toler professional boxer

Quashawn Toler is an American professional boxer from Cincinnati, Ohio
Quashawn Toler is an American professional boxer from Cincinnati, Ohio managed by NorthEnd Management. He competes in the welterweight division and has a record of 15-1 with 11 KOs. Toler describes himself as someone who “puts God first” and is trying to make his way “out of the struggle to provide for his family and children.”
Quashawn Toler

G Quick - Make A Change ft. T-Rell Produced by: Mad Chemist

“Make A Change” - G Quick ft. T-Rell

East Moline, IL artist Gary Quick, who goes by the artist name G Quick, has been expressing his life through his music for a while now. His latest single, “Make A Change” ft. T-Rell is probably one of the best expressions to date. The track starts with a smooth piano riff, letting us know this is going to be a deep expression of self-reflection, while keeping us sonically invested. When the beat drops, we’re greeted by a hook from Topeka, Kansas native T-Rell, who never disappoints when it comes to his melodies, and drives the purpose of the song home with lines like “I had to be a bigger man, I’m so apologetic, I’m not afraid to say I’m sorry, gotta show love to those that love me” We’re then greeted by G Quick, who opens up with “I’m not scared to say I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong, let’s just put it in the past so we can move on” for the next few minutes we get a number of inspirational bars letting us know that no matter what circumstances or situations life has put you in, it’s never too late to make up for any missteps or wrong doings of the past. Not only are the deeds of the past the reason for change, we hear G Quick’s vision of the future being his motivation as well, as he speaks on improving mental and physical health, continuing to strengthen the relationships has with his children and family, and developing himself as an artist in the music business. Insightful and inspirational, “Make A Change” is definitely a solid track from G Quick, who is definitely someone to look for in the future. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pachousequick/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gquickdaboss TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@pachhousequick YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdS6LZWm0i8ZQOCW4b1WEFw Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/6cTV5iNymQe7C9WPiaQ5sd?si=G0Ehs26STzeMFiVjm1Sp4Q Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/g-quick/1161591429

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pro-Logic & DJ Quanta Deliver Collaborative EP 'The Serum' Vol.1

Pro-Logic and DJ Quanta link up for a collaborative EP titled 'The Serum' volume 1. The 10-track project features various talents including Lakes, McOllie Skulkin, Doc Philly, Hectic, Choze, Mista Murray, HolliZay, Madame J, Es, Dox, Sharky, Rym-B, iLL Tone, Greg King, Jonni Riddim, Righteous, Fraction, Substance810, Age, and James D.

The duo originally wanted to create an EP. However, after going through a superb selection of beats the EP quickly transformed into albums; 'The Serum' volumes 1-2. Stream volume 1 to experience authentic Hip Hop at it's best.





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Monday, October 3, 2022

iKon Presents is changing the culture for Hip Hop & RnB

iKon Presents has become a staple name in Las Vegas. When it comes to Urban concerts and events in the Entertainment Capital of the World, iKon is King.

Over the past few years they have produced events with Nas, Rod Wave, Janet Jackson, Diddy, Trippie Redd, Summer Walker, Nas, Rod Wave, Anderson Paak, Bryson Tiller, Saweetie, Keyshia Cole, & many more.

With recent expansions into Hawaii & LA, they plan to continue bringing mainstream and underground events to these cities. In the coming weeks the company is expected to announce multiple arena events & 2 festivals.

iKon Presents currently has shows announced with Tory Lanez, Lil Durk, Dave East, Joyner Lucas, Steve Lacey, & more.

visit ikonpresents.com or instagram.com/ikonpresents for more info & tickets to their upcoming shows.


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Jaraiyia Alize’- Ready To Go (Official Music Video)

Jaraiyia Alize’- Ready To Go (Official Music Video)


Go watch Jaraiyia Alize' "Ready To Go" official music video. Jaraiyia Alize' has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially R&B, and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the Danville, Illinois, native artist released her "Ready To Go" official music video. Ready To Go is Jaraiyia Alize' third project first of 2022, and definitely not her last. Jaraiyia Alize' has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize' will soon be in the ranks of the fastest-rising up-and-coming artists in the music, and entertainment industry in history. Follow Jaraiyia Alize’ on all social media platforms. Stream Jaraiyia Alize’ singles on all digital platforms.

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Deetrxll's New Song Hits At #18 On Apple Music Top 100 Chart

Dylan Rhine, who goes by the stage name Deetrxll, celebrated this year with some great news about his music career. He recently released a new song "Coke Boy", has peaked at # 18 on Apple's UK Top 100 Hip Hop Chart.  

Deetrxll has put a lot of work into his music career behind the scenes. However, he wasn't handed this opportunity easily. What a lot of people didn't know about this hip-hop artist is that he's also a soldier in the US Army National Guard working out of Del Rio,Texas.

Music has always been Deetrxll's dream, but he knew he had to find a way to fund his career. Being in the army allows him to service his nation while funding his career.

When asked why he was passionate about his music career, Spc Rhine/Deetrxll  explained that it gave him an outlet to channel his experiences while also having his work reach people around the world.

This upcoming artist stays active on social media while engaging with his fanbase. He currently has over 100K Instagram followers with more people joining that list every day.

Deetrxll's latest album Underrated 2 is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Fans can find every one of Deetrxll's released songs available on all music streaming platforms.

Deetrxll is currently accepting bookings from other hip-hop artists that want to collaborate or feature him in their songs.

Music videos for Feelings, Coke Boy, and Mr. Trxll are now uploaded on YouTube.

Deetrxll has collaborated with other upcoming hip-hop artists, like Quin NFN on the track “Diss One” Sauce Walka on the track “Another One” Double RR on the track "Off The Top" and featured on the track "Free Smoke" with 3Ree and Tojo.

Deetrxll's inbox is starting to fill up with hip-hop artists that are looking to link up with him for a feature. While he's still new to the industry, Deetrxll is already starting to make a good name for himself. All of his military training has given him the exact level of discipline he needs to stay focused on his career and make his dreams happen. 

Hip-hop fans across the world are beginning to discover what Deetrxll is bringing to the table. Tracks like "Mic Down" and "Side Piece" show the audience the type of range this artist has. Although it's early in Deetrxll's career, music fans are expecting to see big things from him.


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

R&B Singer J.Waiters Delivers Passionate Vocals In "Give It A Try" Video


Texas-based singer/songwriter J.Waiters releases the official video for "Give It A Try" taken from his latest, self-titled project. J.Waiters delivers passionate vocals along with a heightened sense of vulnerability. Over smooth R&B backdrops, he sings about his desire to rekindle and rebuild his relationship. He's tired of arguments, sleepless nights, an empty bed, and voiceless conversations. In the name of love, J.Waiters vows to give it another try. Watch the video and connect below. 


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Monday, September 12, 2022

Thursday, September 8, 2022


We’re happy to be speaking today with a phenomenal Latin American singer Jadi Torres! Before we get started, how has 2022 been treating you thus far? 
2022 has been nothing short of amazing. I have been able to jump head first into many projects that were only a dream in conversation a few months prior, so needless to say, I am loving 2022.     

Who are your biggest supporters behind the Jadi Torres Brand?
I’ve been independent for quite a while, I was blessed to develop a genuine relationship with RGE (Red Guerilla Entertainment) that has been playing a major role In the development of my brand as a whole from music to acting and even into my business endeavors as a CEO. I have a great circle around me of friends and family that support and push me to be my best.    

Let’s get to know you better …..Do you play any instruments? 
I picked up a guitar one day and said I’m going to learn how to play. It's been 4 years and I feel I’ve gotten pretty great at it. I also LOVE the drums and so I tend to grab some drum sticks from time to time.    

What instruments would you like to learn how to play? 
Perfecting the guitar is a definite and I would love to sit at a piano and just go for it and I think I can get it done.    

Are you from a musical or artistic family? 
Oh yes, for the most part my family at any given point can pick up an instrument we can sit around and sing in harmonies.    

How do you describe your music? 
My music has a mix of many sounds, it tends to mix r&b and sounds of pop, trap and hip hop. It’s very urban at times or it could be stripped into acoustic sounds but still keeping the same feels vocally.   

Do you write most of your music yourself? 
I have written all my songs so far, I think for maybe 1 or 2 I may have done in collaboration. However, I’m venturing into collaborative writing now and I’m loving it .   

How do you balance the music and your other obligations- school, family, etc?
It’s not always easy but I will always put family first. I travel a lot but anytime I can make it home to be with my boys I make sure to make it part of my plan.   

What’s your favorite song and why? 
This is a tough one. I don’t know if I have a favorite song out of my own I would probably say “asi es La vida” I broke out of my comfort zone with it. I love r&b so there are so many in the favorites list I couldn’t pinpoint just one.   

What can your fans look forward to seeing next from the phenomenal artist Jadi Torres? 
They're going to get the best music they have ever heard from me! I'm going to continue to inspire every dreamer with my life and accomplishments so I hope they don't get tired. I'm here for the long run. There’s a lot of acting in the works, so they’ll be seeing my face on the big screen. I’m excited for that experience.   

Where can we find you?