Wednesday, May 3, 2023

YYK is set to release his latest single "Gettin Ugly Money"

Charlotte-based artist YYK has been making waves in the music industry for the past two years, and his upcoming release "Gettin Ugly Money" proves why he's someone to watch. Produced by J2, the track features a fire beat and powerful lyrics that explore the theme of mistrust in relationships. YYK's storytelling ability shines through on this track, making it feel like a novel set to music. The layers of meaning in "Gettin Ugly Money" are what make it such a compelling listen. YYK's lyrics touch on the complexities of relationships, particularly when it comes to trust and money. The track is a reflection of YYK's own experiences, and his vulnerability and honesty make the song even more impactful. It's a track that will have listeners nodding along and relating to the emotions that YYK expresses.

YYK has an upcoming EP in the works and new merchandise on the horizon, making it an exciting time to be a fan. For those looking to book YYK for shows or events, management can be reached through @coachbleu. If "Gettin Ugly Money" is any indication, YYK's future is bright, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Murs X Wiardon "Starting Lineup" Ft. Larry June & ICECOLDBISHOP

Murs (California) and beatsmith Wiardon (Texas) release “Starting Lineup” featuring Larry June and ICECOLDBISHOP. The track serves as the lead single from the duo’s collaborative EP titled ‘speak n spell’ which is out now on all platforms.


 Stream "speak n spell" EP

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Jerrod Bowen "Sound Odyssey" Video Ft. Keylow & Physical Graffiti

Jerrod Bowen, the founder of Creative Minds & Maryland-based artist, releases the official video for "Sound Odyssey." Produced by K-Murdock, the record features Keylow & Physical Graffiti and is taken from Bowen's latest album 'Thelonious.' 


"Sound Odyssey" official video | Thelonious on Spotify

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Foojo Korleone releases his latest single 'No Heartbeat'

With his latest track "No Heartbeat," Prentiss, Mississippi's own Foojo Korleone proves that he has come a long way from his days as part of Dat Crew. This hard-hitting track showcases Foojo's lyrical prowess and raw talent, as he weaves a tale of heartbreak and betrayal over Troddi Man's haunting production. The track's catchy chorus and infectious beat are sure to get stuck in your head, and it's easy to see why it has become a fan favorite.

Foojo Korleone's new album "#ThisATroddiThotti" promises to be a standout release in the world of hip-hop. With Troddi Man as producer, the album is sure to be filled with hard-hitting beats and clever rhymes that will leave listeners wanting more. And with the backing of Gnarly Gang Entertainment, there's no doubt that Foojo Korleone is poised for greatness.

In a world where hip-hop is constantly evolving, Foojo Korleone stands out as a true artist. With his unique style and undeniable talent, he is sure to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come. "No Heartbeat" is just a taste of what's to come from this rising star, and fans can't wait to see what he has in store next.

Twitter @foojokorleone
Instagram @foojokorleone


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Capital X "Truth Be Told" Video & Accompanying Interview

Global Hip Hop sensation Capital X drops the official video for "Truth Be Tol." The self-produced record is the first single taken from his forthcoming album 'Just Beats & Rhymes.' Below, X goes in on his controversial lyrical style, eye-awakening video, upcoming album, his role as an activist, his contributions to communities and Hip Hop for the past 30+ years, and more. 

MJ: When people hear the name Capital X there’s a lot that comes to mind and resonates, from Hip Hop culture to activism.  Your career began in the late 70s and the early 80s first as a breaker and then as MC. Talk about your entrance into Hip Hop and your transition from breaker to MC.

X: Though I was from New York, I was actually first introduced to what would become the culture of Hip Hop in Patillas, Puerto Rico in 1977. I was visiting family and my cousin Flex was a member of the Dynamite Kids, an Outlaw Rockin crew. I instantly fell in love with everything about it. I get an adrenaline rush all over again just thinking about it.  Upon returning home to NY, I sought anyone that was into Up-Rockin. I ended up getting down with the SepaRock City Crew. SepaRock was a collective of MCs, DJs, and B-Boys in the South Bronx. They were all originally from the West Indies. So I not only found a crew to throw down with, but I also got to be around MCs and DJs doing their thing. I was also instantly drawn towards the mic, but I loved Rockin so much, I stuck with it. We started working on routines that we would perform locally and we also battled whoever wanted it. I kept dancing till 1982/83. The last few years I was break dancing. I started writing rhymes on the DL. I just pretty much naturally evolved. The mic had a gravitational pull on me. I made my first professional demo as an MC in 1983/84 while I was in California. I was out there breaking and the opportunity presented itself. From that moment forward I considered myself retired from break dancing. I divorced the floor and married the mic.

MJ: You are originally from Brooklyn, NY but moved to Norway back in 2010. How is the Hip Hop scene overseas? How does it differ from here in the States? Also, talk about that major crossover and the decision that led up to it.

X: I was very fortunate to have started touring in Europe around 2005. I was shocked at the Hip Hop scene out here. I felt that the states being so oversaturated took the culture for granted compared to Europe. In Europe, they appreciated every aspect of the culture where everyone and their brother was out to be a rapper in the US and everything else kind of got ignored. In Europe, they pay homage to the pioneers and just have so much respect for the foundation that Hip Hop was built. France and Italy had the best scenes in my opinion with Germany following close. Touring through Italy and France felt like I was living Hip Hop in New York in the 80s all over again. I eventually made my way to Scandinavia. I first rocked in Denmark which also has a dope scene, then I got booked in Norway. There was and still is something about Norway that just does it for me. Though the Hip Hop scene in Norway falls short compared to other European countries in my opinion, I fell in love with the peaceful atmosphere and chill people. Coming from the hectic background I was used to, Norway felt like I found paradise on earth. I remember telling the promoter that booked me as I looked over a fjord for the first time in my life, that if I lived in a place like this, I would become Gandhi-like in no time. The opportunity presented itself for me to move to Norway and it was a no-brainer. I was tired of the killing in the US on the streets and by the states themselves. I was tired of being preyed upon by law enforcement agencies. The stress was killing me for sure. Norway remedied all that, and it healed many of the battle wounds I had sustained throughout my lifetime. 

MJ: You wear many hats as an MC, recording artist, producer, graphic designer, and videographer, as well as CEO of your indie label. What are some challenges, if any, that come with being a one-man army? What are the wins?

X: Great question. I love my freedom. Freedom definitely comes at a high price though. The biggest challenge of being a one-man army as you put it is time management. There just never seems to be enough time in a day. I of course get/seek out help from time to time to lighten the load but for the most part, I enjoy being independent. You have to be good at rolling solo. Years spent in solitary confinement prepared me well for that. The wins are first of all the freedom. Answering to no one but yourself. Taking on all these different aspects truly hones one’s craft of being a creator which is also a win. Not owing anyone anything is another huge win. I remember signing my first deal back in the day. My crew all believed we had made it when we got that check. I felt that yoke being locked around my neck. For me, having less is actually having a lot more. I am not a commodity anymore to anyone. Being this independent allows me to be a true creator. That is the overall win for me. 

MJ: Outside of music you are an activist, which stemmed from your time in prison. During that time you lost out on some major music deals. Upon your release, you went full throttle into creating a lengthy music catalog including 2 albums, an EP, 20 singles, and 17 videos. Talk about the moment of empowerment you thrived on fresh out of the gates, versus giving up on your career.

X: Though there was a time when I hoped to “make it” I never really looked at what I do as a career. For me, this is a way of life. Of course, getting paid to do what one loves is the ultimate goal for many artists. But getting paid or not I love what I do. Not living Hip Hop was never an option for me. During my last prison bid, I worked hard on myself. I transformed myself into who I am today. I was inspired and motivated by Malcolm X and how he transformed himself. I was so obsessed with the life of Malcolm X for many years. Cats started calling me X while I was on Rikers Island and I ran with it. I did look to get signed again when I first got out from my last bid but as a solo artist. That was in 2002. I was quickly reminded of how shady the industry is. I was spitting conscious lyrics and they offered me a deal if I would rather write gangsta raps. I wasn’t about to compromise myself so I walked. Meeting rappers such as Slug of Atmosphere, Ill Bill, and Immortal Technique motivated me to be an independent artist. I started out well, but relocating to Norway leveled me off for some years. Now that I have my feet firmly planted, things are once again starting to pick up. But I never stopped being/living Hip Hop no matter what. 

MJ: This leads us to your new single/video “Truth Be Told” which is taken from your forthcoming album ‘Just Beats & Rhymes.’ You hold no punches when it comes to exposing harsh truths on how Social Media brainwashes and turns humans into robots, attacking capital punishment, calling out rappers who use their music to glorify violence, drugs, and street life, and you even, so boldly, exploit the music industry…Take us through the journey of “Truth Be Told” from the thought to creation, to production, to the final canvas, and to what audiences can expect to take away from the video.  

X: When I get on a mic I feel I need to be saying something. One of my biggest influences when it comes to being an MC is Melle Mel. Melle Mel’s verses back in the day hit me so hard, that I can still feel the impact. I can’t rhyme just to be rhyming. There are plenty of lyrical acrobats out there that are way better at doing that than I ever will be. But there aren’t many slanging truths. I always loved the MCs that challenged my mind with what they were saying. Kool Moe Dee, KRS ONE, Rakim, Wise Intelligent, Chuck D, Guru they made me want to seek knowledge and I did, and still do. What better way to share knowledge and wisdom than in a rhyme? I once lived blindly and I see multitudes of people living that way today and it’s painful to watch. The microphone is where I speak the truth, you can take it or leave it. During the pandemic, I got back into production. I had toyed around with production back in the day. I actually sold my E-mu SP-1200 to help me move to Norway. After producing a few tracks for the legendary Lifers Group which is now out and doing their thing, I decided to self-produce an entire album for myself. Truth be Told was one of the first tracks that came to me. I love that you said I “boldly, exploit the music industry”. That’s how it should be, and not the other way around. With so much information out there I find it hard to believe how many artists are still willing to sign deals. To be owned. The demise of so many rappers in the last few years was definitely a motivating factor behind the track. I have also kind of grown tired of hearing the coke and gun bars as well. I lived that life for real and paid dearly for it. Our communities are nearly looking like when the crack epidemic hit back when and I feel as though as artists we can be doing better. Aside from what I have spent on equipment which isn’t much honestly, the recording, release, and video for Truth be Told didn’t cost me a dime. I want artists to know that. I shot the video using my old Samsung Galaxy S9+. I edited it in an outdated version of Adobe Premiere Pro that I jacked from a friend like 15 years ago. Making something from nothing is what Hip Hop is all about. That’s what it was in the beginning and should still be, not no million-dollar budgets. I hope that one person is moved by what I am saying enough to take action at least in their own lives. If I move one person, I am good. 

MJ: Some might consider the video to be controversial, some might consider the video difficult to digest, some might want to sweep it under the rug, and for some, it might open eyes. What do you think about the adverse reactions you might receive?

X: I am used to adverse reactions to all the music I put out. For well over a decade I only spoke about the death penalty, the prison industrial complex, and the crooked criminal justice system. I got more hate mail than fan mail and more death threats than I could count on my fingers and toes. Either way, it goes, I provoke thought and spark up dialogue. I’m good with that. I think it was Plato that said “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth”. I believe our history reflects that. The bottom line is I would rather be hated and despised for speaking the truth than be loved for spreading lies. 

MJ: Does “Truth Be Told” set the tone or theme for the upcoming self-produced album ‘Just Beats & Rhymes?’

X: Actually it doesn’t. Though there are other tracks that sit well next to Truth be Told, “Just Beats & Rhymes” goes in a few different directions. A few tracks are older rhymes I dug up and felt they still deserved to be heard as they are still very much so relevant. So I created beats for them. The newer rhymes are definitely more about current social issues and topics. I also have a couple that touches upon my personal growth coming into Knowledge of Self. There are even a couple of tracks where I am just having fun with it. But you will still find a gem within those tracks. Overall the album is just what it says it is, Just Beats & Rhymes. No collaborations, no fancy production. I even went as far as using no vocal effects on nearly all the tracks. It’s just straight-up dry vocals not even a hint of reverb. Just Beats & Rhymes will drop later this year.

MJ: As a vetted artist living his life true to the culture, elements, and essence of Hip Hop for over decades, what are two essential gems you can share with the newer generation of Hip Hop?

X: Two gems I would drop here is one: learn the history of Hip Hop. Embrace the roots of this culture we all love so much. Without roots, there will be no real growth. Knowing the true history of Hip Hop is empowering to say the least. Secondly: be yourself. If you have yet to learn who you truly are, work on that, and find out. Dig deep till you reach the real you. Those in our culture that are now in their late 40s, 50s, and 60s are still active, is because they are true to themselves. They are the ones to look up to. It’s not about who has the biggest bank account trust me. 

MJ: Is there anything else you would like to share with the world? 

X: In closing, I would like to say I love this culture of ours. It has given me everything I lacked coming up. It gave me a history, an identity, a purpose, and a reason to live. I don’t have a mansion or fancy cars. I am far from being rich, but because of Hip Hop, I am as wealthy as they come. I don’t have multitudes of fans, but I have some real die-hard supporters and I love every one of them. By society’s standards, I ain’t shit, never was and never will be. But “Truth be Told” I have lived Hip Hop for over four decades. To me, in “My World”, I am a huge success. Never allow others to define who you are, are what your success is, or should be. Peace be unto you all. 

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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Brick City's Rowdy Kiing Invigorates in New Single "Now"


Rapper and actor hailing from Brick City, Rowdy Kiiing releases his new single "Now" through Lo Key Music Group. Kiiing's high-energy performance flows over moody arrangements with trap undertones. The certified stunner declares he is the same person with or without fame. Money, cars, and women won't change who he is or have him switch up. The catchy hook solidifies his message. Stream "Now" below. 


Friday, April 7, 2023

Roux Solo releases his latest single 'Lay Up'

Roux Solo's "Lay Up" is a melodic masterpiece that showcases his vocal range and talent. As the lead single from his recent EP, "Because You Asked," the song showcases Solo's impressive vocal range and songwriting abilities, leaving listeners in awe of his talent.

Born and raised in New York, Roux Solo has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating performances. "Lay Up" perfectly encapsulates the essence of his style, with its smooth lyrics and chilled-out beats that make it impossible not to sway along.

Overall, "Lay Up" is a standout track that showcases Roux Solo's talent as both a artist and songwriter. It's a perfect introduction to his EP, "Because You Asked," which is full of similarly impressive songs that blend genres and styles with ease. If you're looking for some new music to add to your playlist, Roux Solo's "Lay Up" should definitely be at the top of your list.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Conscious Hip Hop Artist J. Vybe Delivers "Thoughts Are Things" Visuals

Up-and-coming conscious lyricist J. Vybe announces the release of the official video for his latest single "Thoughts Are Things." In the video, while the North Shore Massachusetts artist is rhyming on the beach and boulevard, he reminds us of the importance to speak our truths into existence. His deliverance of moving wordplay and resonating punchlines flows over natural soundscapes underlined by striking drums and moody keys. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens in his life or how the chips may fall, J. Vybe will keep speaking his truth with absolute honor, “No weapon against me shall prosper.” Watch "Thoughts Are Things" and connect below. 

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Saint Paul Indie Hip Hop Artist Reed Brixx Delivers "Necessary" Visuals

Reed Brixx, an indie Hip Hop artist hailing from Saint Paul, MN releases visuals for "Necessary" through Real Deal Entertainment. A heavy-hitting cinematic backdrop encompasses Reed's blunt, in-your-face bars. The video emanates mini-film vibes with shots of Reed rhyming in his car and on the block with his crew. Take heed of his message, as there are severe consequences if his money is played with. Watch the video and connect with Reed Brixx below. 

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Who is Benny the Jet?


You might think Los Angeles, California is a long way from Iowa City, Iowa. But for Iowa City artist Benny the Jet, these two cities made him who he is today. Born in LA, he moved at a young age to Iowa. But for this adopted kid, growing up as an only child was far from the spoiled lifestyle you would think this Midwesterner would have.  

Having lost his dad at an early age, Benny the Jet found comfort dealing with the racism and discrimination of growing up as a biracial adopted kid in the fields of Iowa through music and sports. His name “Benny the Jet” coming from running track as a kid and being fast like a “Jet”, the name stuck, and he decided to keep the name as he began his music career. 

 As young as Benny the Jet is, his musical soul is old with inspiration coming from artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac, Kanye West, and Childish Gambino, which for this very young 20 something year old, you can see he’s mature beyond his years. Blessed to have worked with artists he call friends such as popular independent artists Futuristic and Lex Bratcher, he hopes to learn from their success and build his own independent career. Having signed to Midwest DJ, DJ K Yung as his manager and hiring long time friend and someone he considers a brother as his road manager, Brett “Bert” Johnson, he feels this year in 2023 is the turning point of his career. He is currently working on his first ever major release, a 5 song yet to be titled EP. Having released singles before working with DJ K Yung and Bert Johnson he hopes this mentorship will bring a new sound and path to his career.  

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Adrian Junior "The Feeling" Video Ft. JAG & J.Stone

LA's Adrian Junior releases visuals for "The Feeling." The record is taken from his latest album 'With Style & Grace' and features JAG & J.Stone. Audiences will embrace Adrian Junior's inspiring lyrics encompassed by head-nodding arrangements. Watch "The Feeling" and connect with the indie artist below. 

Instagram and Twitter: @theadrianjunior

Sunday, March 5, 2023

News - ROYAL The CEO Leads The Industry As Top Notch Publicist


ROYAL, the CEO of Royal Hustler Promotions, is making waves in the public relations world. Since launching her promotions company in 2017, she has used her networking skills to expand her influence into booking independent entertainers on national radio platforms, podcasts, magazines, and performance venues. Her client base has expanded from independent music artists to celebrities, influencers, venue owners, promoters, and small, family-owned businesses.

ROYAL has come a long way since she first started out. She was determined to prove that hard work and dedication paid off, and today she is living proof of that. ROYAL has built an impressive list of clients by providing them with quality services tailored to their needs.

“I strive to ensure that my clients get the best possible representation for their brand or product,” said ROYAL. “I want them to know that I am here for them every step of the way - no matter how big or small their project is!”

ROYAL's success can be attributed to her passion for connecting people with stories they can relate to, as well as her commitment to staying organized and up-to-date on industry trends. Her goal is not only to help her clients reach new heights but also to give back to those who have helped her along the way.

"It's important for me to give back," said ROYAL. "It's something I believe in strongly and it's why I'm so passionate about what I do."

In addition to being an experienced publicist, ROYAL also offers consulting services designed specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to grow their businesses through public relations tactics. With her guidance and expertise, clients can see real results in no time at all.

ROYAL proves that anything is possible if you put your mind – and heart – into it. She continues to make waves in the industry while helping others achieve their dreams along the way! She is presently at capacity for clients. However, Follow her on Instagram at



Renee "Royal" Mickens

CEO of Royal Hustler Promotions Co.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Rhyme Assassin (UK) Talks "Rhyme Apostles" Upcoming Release Ft. Hip Hop Legacies


Rhyme Assassin, a UK emcee, gears up for a major single release on April 3rd, 2023. Just in time for Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary, he brings together an elite selection of Hip Hop legends for "Rhyme Apostles." Featured on the track are Crooked I, Craig G, Reks, Ruste Juxx, K Solo, Chino XL, Keith Murray, Chino XL, Canibus, AFRO, and Antlive Boombap with an intro by Jadakiss and Deep Voice on production. Hip Hop heads prepare for a celebration of what seems to be forgotten; the elements, essence, and culture of Hip Hop. In the in-depth interview below, Rhyme Assassin talks in detail about the epic global collaboration, the process from thought to curation to final canvas, his contributions to Hip Hop, and more. 

MJ: Before we jump into your upcoming release of "Rhyme Apostles" let everyone know who you are and where you're from.

Rhyme Assassin: My name is Tichaona Brian Monera. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I migrated to the United Kingdom to explore opportunities for further education and personal development. An important part of that was pursuing a career in music. This is something that I have already been doing in Zimbabwe where I gained popularity with hip-hop in the early 90s. Freestyling with my homies after school, I was able to hone my craft to become a recognizable voice on the Zimbabwe music scene.  These were formative moments in my music career. These encounters earned me the name Rhyme Assassin which has become my official MCEE name. The name Rhyme Assassin resonates with the skillful poetic lyrical expression of the music and the excellence of execution of my craft. 

MJ: As a Hip Hop artist from the UK, tell us about the Hip Hop scene over there. 

Rhyme Assassin: Hip-hop has always had a firm grip on the UK music scene with a lot of drill dominating. Hip-hop artists like Stormzy have become household names, generating a huge following worldwide. My estimation is that the UK is on the brink of becoming a hip-hop powerhouse globally. There are many upcoming hip-hop artists….

MJ: What led you to begin a career in rap and lead a lifestyle true to Hip Hop culture?

Rhyme Assassin: The greatest influencers that kickstarted my rap career are the likes of all-time greats such as KRS ONE, Run DMC & Big Daddy Kane, BIG, and 2 PAC. I grew up listening to their music on cassettes and vinyl. Because of my experiences and encounters with these hip-hop moguls, I embrace the hip-hop culture and started living out and expressing this in my lyrical content. My inspiration to write was primarily from Canibus and Krs One. I can even recall the first day I listened to Gangstarr - Moment of truth, Dead Prez - Let's get free and DMX - It's dark and hell is hot. Those were the early days when hip-hop was not playing much on Zimbabwe radio. Our exposure to hip-hop was mainly from folks coming from overseas and bringing cassette tapes back home. I would use my pocket money to rent out hip-hop tapes for a couple of days or more so that I can just listen to the latest hip-hop beats.

MJ: Ok, let's jump into your new single which will be available for download and purchase on April 3rd, 2023. How were you able to link with all the powerhouses and legends? Talk about the thought process of "Rhyme Apostles" to hand-picking features, to the production, and to the final canvas.

Rhyme Assassin: The initial idea was for Rhyme Apostles to have 4 artists. Later, drawing inspiration from the Bible, the thought of the 12 apostles of Jesus dawned on my mind and this became the womb that gave birth to Rhyme Assassin’s 12 apostles on the track. The new single is based on an idea that had been in for quite a while. My vision was to bring together some of the greatest lyricists and recognizable names in hip-hop. Being on the same record with the likes of Crooked I Canibus, Craig G, Keith Murray and a host of other renowned hip-hop legends is an incredible personal triumph. 

Achieving this was monumental. The journey was not a straightforward one. It was long and challenging, but an enjoyable one. The one thing that made it worthwhile is the caliber of people that I was targeting. These were real hip-hop heads, with a genuine love for true hip-hop culture. I was truly humbled by these guys' acceptance and willingness to embrace me and work with me to bring my vision to fruition.

Every single one of them exhibited high levels of professionalism with such amazing humility. Each demonstrated a love and a passion to collaborate with emcees with roots in Africa. The emcees that made it on the record I those that reached out to and they were magnanimous enough to accept the invitation. 

Shout out to those emcees who believed in me and were keen to be part of the project but could not make the financial commitment in time and were unable to be featured. There will always be scope to do collaborative projects with them in the near future. Another noteworthy artist who made an enormous contribution to this project is Deep Voice, a UK producer who created the best used in the debut single. He created the beat some seven years ago along with other beats that I subsequently used. This particular beat was archived until now and it is just the right beat for the project. The bear will be mixed and mastered by yet another creative, P2doah, a Zimbabwean-based producer. We are also currently working on the video for the song.

MJ: What are you hoping audiences take away from the single? 

Rhyme Assassin: The single greatest desired outcome for this project is a greater realization but both artists and music lovers of the incredible power of collaborative music ventures across the industry. The single, Rhyme Apostles, is a clear and powerful demonstration of the synergy resulting from such collaboration. My wish for this single is that it will be timeless in its appeal and not just for a season.

MJ: It's evident with the single, you are on a mission to conserve the authenticity of Hip Hop and push it to the forefront of music. Can you elaborate on that? 

Rhyme Assassin: I am a firm believer in the need for the conservation of the truest essence of Hip hop culture expressed through lyricism. The caliber of emcees on the track have mastered this art and is an inspiration to me as I climb to my place of significance in the game. 

My conviction is that hip-hop culture has a powerful potential to bring about societal and cultural cohesion globally. In that sense, the single has an apostolic assignment - to bring about a fresh crop of hip-hop artists whose focus is beyond their individual musical domains to champion a movement that will produce a generation of like-minded people. The talents and skill sets of the participating emcees are as diverse as their fingerprints are. It is this diversity that I value and celebrates the most in this project. The creative lyricism and different execution styles of the art make this project unequaled by any in hip-hop circles and that is what thrills me.


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