Thursday, April 15, 2021

AJ From The 9 - Live From The 9/YeaYea Freestyle | @AJFromThe909

AJ From The 9 Comes Thru With Vibes On “Live From The 9/YeaYea Freestyle”

After dropping his last album “Sounds From The 9” on New Years 2020, Southern California rap artist AJ From The 9 is back with his latest visual and follow up album in over a year. Despite difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, AJ has stayed busy working on new music for his album “More Sounds From The 9”, ready to once again, “Do it for The 9”, aspiring to be a breakthrough success from the region, referring to the 909/951 area of Southern California.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

R&B Sensation J.Waiters Releases "Walk a Mile" Video Ft. John Jigg$


R&B sensation J. Waiters and Hip Hop heavyweight John Jigg$ unite for a chilling, air gasping video. “Walk a Mile” is produced by Poetic Killa with video production by Footprint the Movement.

While wearing a t-shirt that reads “get your knee off our necks”, J. Waiters sets a gripping scene with raw emotion. The intro speaks volumes of truth that pushes the underlying issue of not knowing what it is to be a black man in America.

The duo describes their personal everyday struggles as well as societal struggles. From racism and injustices to violence and murder, from lack of support and children to educate, J. Waiters and John Jigg$ unleash a compelling blend of vocals and lyricism hopeful to ignite a revolutionary spark. How can you overcome life’s distressing genocides while living black? Watch “Walk a Mile” and connect with J. Waiters below.

James Jwaiters Monticue (

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Raw Thesus Releases 'Maywood Ill' Album



Iconic Records Philadelphia and Raw Thesus announce the release of his new album ‘Maywood Ill’ available now on digital platforms.

The Chicago-based recording artist delivers cut-throat wordplay along with quick-witted lyricism throughout all 13 tracks while displaying abstract production. ‘Maywood Ill’ serves as an honest declaration from Raw Thesus that confirms his stance and reign in Hip Hop culture. Stream/download the album and connect with Raw Thesus below.

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Raw Thesus website 

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Philly Indie Legend Dell-P Continues To "Make Emceeing Great Again"


Who is Dell-P…For those living under rocks or for those who might need a simple reminder, the extensive accolades below are sure to spark some clarity.

Dell-P is a Hip Hop artist and songwriter, nationally and internationally famed for his exquisite lyricism, conscious rap, and wordplay. He is co-signed by such pioneers and legends as Chuck D, Black Thought, Wise Intelligent, Arrested Development, EPMD, Wyclef Jean, David Banner, Jay Electronica, and that is only naming a few.

The Philly vet carries monumental recognition dating back to 2017 including Philly Hip Hop Awards Album of the Year, PHL Live Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Black Gala Award winner, Black Power Music Award nominee, 2-time Spiral Award Winner (artist and album of the year), 2-time Indie Music Award winner, Philly Hip Hop Award winner for Alternative Artist of the Year, 2020 Top Indie Artist award by Source Magazine, as well as a 4-time Grammy considered artist. To add onto that success, Dell-P has received music placement and an acting role in the 2021 film “When George Got Murdered”, coming to Netflix soon, and with recommendation by Black Thought, he will be participating in The School of Thought Workshop/Showcase…The first ever Hip Hop Master Class to be held at Carnegie Hall.

Dell-P’s latest Grammy considered album ‘MEGA (Make Emceeing Great Again)’ is available on major platforms as well as “By Any Means” and “Follow the Signs” videos, currently in rotation on BET Jams. There are some like minds out there hungry and this album feeds them properly. Once you take a listen to the music you will hear why Dell-P has been called "the best kept secret of Hip Hop" by XXL Magazine.

Stream/download ‘MEGA’ here on preferred platforms and connect with Dell-P below.
Social Media Links - @DELLP215 on IG & Twitter, Dell Pee on Facebook 

Watch “By Any Means” and “Follow the Signs” from the ‘MEGA’ album

XLG Official Drops New Full-Length Album - Coming 2 America


Emmanuel Kingsley Okebugwu known nationally and internationally as XLG Official is an American Hip Hop artist. His acclaimed single “Calling My Line” reached over 1 million views while his album ‘Young American Nigga’ reached over 4 million.

Born in Lagos Nigeria, XLG recalls his father passing when he was just 10, being kicked out of his home with tremendous suffering and no resources to help him or his siblings. “I grew up in the ghetto where there are no rules to living, survival was what we all strived for.” Having survived a shot in the chest, XLG declares, “my past made me who I am today, to never give up on myself and to always push forward.”

XLG Official recently released his new full-length album titled ‘Coming to America’, “this is my life, I’m the definition and I embody the story.” Stream/download XLG Official’s music on all digital platforms (including his new album) and connect below.






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[Event] Fresh Mix Magazine - AllStar Media Weekend hosted by DJ Waffles


Fresh Mix Magazine - AllStar Media Weekend

Terrance Brisbon, better known as Dj Waffles, hosts a line-up of media day events during all-star weekend in Atlanta. Bringing back the concept of a media magazine, Fresh Mix Magazine launched their first red carpet event filled with big names and supporters. Dj Waffles is a well known Dj in the city of Atlanta, originating from the east coast. With major stations such as Dash Radio and The Padded room under his belt, Waffles continues in the media world also as an A&R and Artist Manager. Well into the music industry world, he aims to expand on creating his own platforms offering the experience he got growing up with a love for music and media. 

“In the life of digital media we have lost the excitement of picking up a magazine and catching up on our favorite music artist, athlete, or entertainer. We are aiming to bring back that authentic feel” 

With a long list of supporting media parties; athletes, music artists, influencers and more lined up to share what they have been upto and what is to come. Dj Waffles continued to do his impeccable job of interviewing all the stars and brought a safe light hearted feel to the craze during this pandemic. 

Amongst The Media Coverage:

Real shooters Podcast Saturday Night in Buffalo

Fubu Radio

Hip Hop Basement

Mula Podcast



Pow TV

TheFix Show


Where it Begins



Cuts Podcast

Tmbe Podcast

“It starts by building a solid team of media personalities and platforms that are all on the same page with contributing to the same purpose. Coming together is never a problem when everyone is on one accord.” 

So much more is to come from Dj Waffles and Fresh Mix Magazine. Be sure to stay tuned! For more information and booking DJ Waffles For more of behind the scenes from the events

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tru Esco - Far From Nothing (EP)


Hip Hop artist Tru Esco releases his new project titled ‘Far From Nothing’ featuring De’Jon, Yung Titan, and Alozie. The 9-track project is available for streaming and purchase on major platforms.

The Memphis based artist shows off his tenacious story-telling, laid back persona, and ability to deliver honest, relatable music.

Stream/purchase ‘Far From Nothing’ and connect with Tru Esco below.


Connect with Tru Esco below

Official site: 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Botswana Producer Zeenation Sounds Drops "Go Get The Money" Beat Tape


CEO of Iconic Records Philadelphia, Bloody Knucklez, introduces the world to Botswana producer Zeenation.


The double threat of record producer and songwriter, Zeenation Sounds has been curating music since high school back in 2009 and continues to perfect his craft, knocking out at least ten production samples daily. “My creative process for making beats comes from inner pain, bringing out stress, and pouring my heart out.”  Now a seasoned producer in the game, Zeenation’s expertise ranges from Hip Hop to R&B, Pop to Electronic Dance, to Trap…he can’t be contained to one lane or box.


After listening to his latest project “Go Get The Money” it’s evident Zeenation’s talent is limitless when it comes to creating distinct sounds and captivating vibes. Stream the album and connect with Zeenation below.


“I’m always learning and evolving…striving to grow, I promise to keep pushing the envelope…”






Ev Jones - On God (Single) Ft. Merse



Ev Jones releases his latest single “On God” featuring Merse, available everywhere music is sold.

Jones delivers convincingly smooth vocals over soulful, yet invigorating R&B tones. He’s setting the mood for love, enticing both the physical and mental…On God, Jones is nothing without his lady. Stream/download the single and connect with Ev Jones below.

“On God” on preferred digital platforms

Connect with Ev Jones @officialevjones on all Social Media and @itsofficialevjones on TikTok

Monday, March 29, 2021

Johnny Brooks - Quiet

Johnny Brooks continues legacy of making hits with latest single ‘Quiet’

MIAMI, FL – Johnny Brooks takes melodic rapping to another level. The multitalented artist from Miami, Florida has been building music from the ground up for the past decade, creating unique sounds and styles for Hip Hop purists and those filling the record shops, concert halls and lyricist lounges around the world. With head-nodding hooks and a genuine ease on a track, his music captures the attention of the staunchest supporters of old-school Hip Hop mixed with contemporary sensibilities.

His latest single, “Quiet” was released on March 23, and is the perfect example of how this seasoned veteran of the industry makes some of the highest-quality music in the game today. Produced by Rico Santana, the smooth Hip Hop groove is the most organic creation of his career. Unlike most of the other songs he’s crafted in years ‘past, “Quiet” was born in the moment from a beat that Santana put on one day in the studio and Brooks just improvised on the spot.

“I just started going off the dome, basically,” he said. “It just came out naturally. I didn’t think much about it – when I heard the beat he made, I just started flowing. It was extremely organic, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s about a girl who disappeared on a guy out of the blue and the strong connection between them. The fire died out over time and the guy never understood why. He goes on a quest to find out where she went and to try to re-ignite the flame and remind her that they have a spark that can’t be found anywhere else.”

The St. Maarten-bred Brooks was born into a musical family and is no stranger to late nights in the studio. His parents opened the first professional recording studio in St. Maarten in 1984, and throughout his childhood, he was able to rub shoulders with some of the best up-and-coming artists of the Caribbean. He also got a front-row seat to the process of making hits, and his hands-on education paid off over the years as he gradually developed a signature style of his own. With strong roots in Reggae and the pedigree of his surname, it would have been easy for Brooks to continue the tradition in the stylings of the Caribbean. But experiencing the polar opposite lifestyles between the affluence of his white mother and the trenches of his black father, Brooks opted to venture in a different direction with his musical talents by way of Hip Hop – the language of his generation. Immersing himself in the popular sounds of Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie and Tupac, he began to create hits like “Thoughts Never Die” and “Test the Potency,” which resonated with an ever-widening global fanbase.

“My music is just feel-good vibes,” he said. “It’s therapeutic. That’s what I’m aiming for and hoping to bring to the table when I’m creating these songs – some kind of positive impact to the listener. As such, there probably won’t ever be a ‘perfect touch,’ but there will always be a vibe that you feel. That’s why I’m able to create and just flow. I’m demonstrating to the world that I can create a vibe for you that you can enjoy.”

Following “Quiet,” Brooks said he has plans to release another single called “Landscape” which should come out this summer.

To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Ygk Drako - Show Off


YGK Drako drops energetic Trap groove with new single ‘Show Off’

LITTLE ROCK, AR – For Justin Utsey, music has always been a way to escape, stay positive and connect with people who share his similar story. Troubled by a rough life growing up on the streets of the south side of Little Rock, Arkansas, this young artist who goes by the stage name YGK Drako turned to boxing, and fighting became a mainstay throughout much of his younger years. But in 2007, he discovered a love for music and found that he had a natural talent for creating unique sounds and styles that others seemed to love. Music became his escape from a life of crime, and he hasn’t looked back since.

His latest single, “Show Off,” is a chill, mellow vibe with a Trap groove that is one of the hottest tracks he’s ever created. Currently available across all digital streaming platforms, the song has a catchy energy that pairs perfectly with his bars as he raps about anything and everything that might cross his path on a daily basis.

“This is me showing what I can do while trying to reinvent myself,” he said. “I just wanted to change some things up and show people my new self. I’m rapping about money and jewelry and cars and being from the hood, and just all the everyday things I’ve seen. I’m just trying to be myself and stay original. I don’t try to keep up with whatever anyone else is doing. I’m just being true to who I am.”

YGK Drako said one of the things that helps him stand out from the midst of a crowded music industry is his unique voice. Inspired by legends like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Future, YGK Drako fuses his Rap with a wide variety of other styles from various other genres. He credits artists like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Adele, and Justin Bieber as just a few of the musicians who have helped to expand his appreciation for good music.

“Like them, I just want to be known as a great artist,” he said. “Anything you hear from me is gonna be something hype. I’m looking to do this for the rest of my life because this is truly something I’m passionate about. I’ve never heard another artist with my voice, and I’m ready for the world to hear it.”

Following “Show Off,” YGK Drako said he has another single called “Curry” set to drop in March.

To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Friday, March 26, 2021

Angie Starrz Releases "Ehh Ahh" Video



Singer, songwriter, and rapper Angie Starrz releases eye-appealing visuals for her new hit single “Ehh Ahh.”

The triple threat shows off her lyrical swag delivered in Spanish, captivating audiences worldwide. The video is shot in a club surrounded by her crew with stocks of bottles and flashing lights. Watch “Ehh Ahh” and connect with Angie Starrz below.

Stream/download “Ehh Ahh” here on Spotify

Angie Starrz™️ (@angiestarrz_federal) • Instagram photos and videos

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