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AJ From The 9 Drops New Single “Smoke Break” From His “More Sounds From The 9” Album!

AJ From The 9 Drops New Single “Smoke Break” From His “More Sounds From The 9” Album!

AJ From The 9 – Smoke Break (Director’s Cut) Feat. Prote-J & One Sixxx

After dropping his last album “Sounds From The 9” on New Years 2020, Southern California rap artist AJ From The 9 is back with his latest visual and follow up album in over a year. Despite difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, AJ has stayed busy working on new music for his album “More Sounds From The 9”, ready to once again, “Do it for The 9”, aspiring to be a breakthrough success from the region, referring to the 909/951 area of Southern California.

Over the 2nd half of 2020, AJ has teased new music, dropping singles such as “Dead Presidents”, “9PM in The City” & the Black Lives Matter themed “Light It Up”. His latest visual comes as a double feature involving his most recent single “Live From The 9” along with a fresh new track “YeaYea Freestyle”. The double video showcases the duality of the album, with “Live From The 9” channeling a chill, mellow vibe and “YeaYea Freestyle” encompassing a more upbeat, energetic type approach from the BlaQ Kennedy artist. Check out the visual directed by videographer Jarrod Anthonee below:

AJ From The 9 – Live From The 9/YeaYea Freestyle

THROWBACK: AJ From The 9 – Dead Presidents (Feat. Young Ceno) [Audio]

AJ From The 9 Delivers His Latest Project ‘More Sounds From The 9’. After dropping his last album ‘Sounds From The 9’ on New Years 2020, Southern California rap artist AJ From The 9 is back with his latest visual and follow up album in over a year.

Despite difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, AJ has stayed busy working on new music for his album ‘More Sounds From The 9’, ready to once again, ‘Do it for The 9’, aspiring to be a breakthrough success from the region, referring to the 909/951 area of Southern California.

Over the 2nd half of 2020, AJ has teased new music, dropping singles such as ‘Dead Presidents’, ‘9PM in The City’ & the Black Lives Matter themed ‘Light It Up’. His latest visual comes as a double feature involving his most recent single ‘Live From The 9’ along with a fresh new track ‘YeaYea Freestyle’. The double video showcases the duality of the album, with ‘Live From The 9’ channeling a chill, mellow vibe and ‘YeaYea Freestyle’ encompassing a more upbeat, energetic type approach from the BlaQ Kennedy artist.

Listen to “More Sounds From The 9” on your favorite streaming outlets: https://album.link/msft9

Download: “More Sounds From The 9

Social Media:
Instagram: @AJFromThe909
Twitter: @AJFromThe909
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ajfromthe909
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AJFromThe9/videos

Friday, June 18, 2021

Vi City - OnGOD featuring Harv | @IamViCity

Vi City Is Making New Waves WIth His Debut Single “OnGOD” As He Releases His New Track “Lenciaga” Get In Tune!

Chicago native Vi City has been on a crazy wave all 2021! He returns with his brand new single “Lenciaga” a hot new joint for the summer.  OnGOD featuring and produced by Harv has spiked and is reaching new platforms and gaining new fans! Let’s talk about it! 

OnGOD has recently been aired on BET JamsSiriusXM RadioGangsta GrillzLa Leakerz, among the plethora of media outlets, IG pages, YT channles, playlists etc. The numbers don’t lie Apple Music (500K+ streams), Spotify (500K+ streams), SoundCloud (230K+ streams) and YouTube (696K views). 

Vi City’s gained well over a few million views/listens for OnGOD on all platforms combined!! Chicago has been known to birth heavy hitters, so it’s no surprise that the veteran rapper Vi City would deliver the heat.

Stream OnGODLenciaga, and his other tracks on Apple Music and all streaming platforms. Follow Vi City onIGTwitterTikTokSoundCloudFaceBookand subscribe on YouTube

One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the Wild Hundreds, is back on the music scene. He crafts a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills of someone who has actually made it out. The celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.

Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. and Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco.  Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF). In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he also has done some work with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kosine).

Prior to deciding to drop new music of his own, Vi founded and branded Hundreds Entertainment, a music and film production firm of which he signed talented artist, Phoînix Keyz out of St. Louis, MO and has started crafting Phoînix’s debut project around each of the 6 instruments he plays. Stay tuned in! Vi’s new album “Citylif3” is set to release soon.

Chicago native Vi City serves up the official video for his single “OnGod, featuring and produced  by Harv! Watch his new videos below!

Read more about Vi City here: Chicago Native Vi City Releases A Brand New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

300 Ent. announces Sparta Distribution for independent artists, Clay James amongst up coming releases.

Georgia rising star, Clay James is gearing up to release his next single “Dassa Blessing” produced by Madness. Clay has been in the news recently for inking a management deal with Ferrari Simmons’ Two-Three Management Group. “Dassa Blessing” will drop mid July in collaboration with James’ label Playas Club Music Group and Sparta Distribution, which is 300 Ent’s newest platform to help empower independent artists. CEO Kevin Liles took to Instagram to break the news of the emergence of Sparta Distribution as well as 300 Ent’s Steve Magee who stated “The future of music is independent.” Clay is not only bringing his next releases to Sparta but also up coming releases from the entire PCMG roster: Pimp Sweet Tooth, Kris J, King Elway, Respekk, and Big Smitty. In the past couple years Playas Club Music Group has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams and views independently. Not to mention building a strong cult following in Georgia, music videos on BET & MTV, national tours, impressive merch sales, and Clay just landed his first acting role in “Out On A Lim” alongside The Wire’s Tray Chaney and Notorious star Jamal Woolard.

Stay Connected @WhoIsClayJames @300 @KevinLiles1

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Joe Dirrt "Back on My B.S." (Video) Ft. Rothstein x Redwood Productions


Vetted Hip Hop artist Joe Dirrt releases visuals for his latest single “Back on my B.S.” featuring Rothstein and production by Redwood Productions. In unison with his famed boom bap sound and flow, he lets the world know that he isn’t going anywhere. A decade into delivering eargasm after eargasm, Dirrt is just getting started. Watch the video and connect with Joe Dirrt below.


Website: www.joedirrt.com

Email: joedirrt75@gmail.com

Social Links:

Instagram: @joedirrt82

Facebook: @joedirrt82

Twitter: @joe_dirrt

Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/1vKkmQmuYcemcaeX8uKyKF/profile/




Monday, June 14, 2021

E-Dash - D.O.A.

E-Dash puts competition on notice with powerful new single ‘D.O.A.’ 

ATLANTA, GA – When E-Dash arrives on the scene, the competition better watch out. There’s nothing anyone will be able to do to survive against this Southern rapper whose signature style has been called genius by many in the industry. It’s safe to say that anyone who even tries to stand up to him in the rap game will be Dead On Arrival. And this powerful force in hip-hop serves up that notice with his latest hit single “D.O.A.” 

“It showcases a level of talent and skill that you don’t hear anymore in music,” E-Dash said. “I want to make sure that’s being brought back to the forefront of hip-hop. Basically this is a song for me to show that when I arrive, there’s nothing or no one else who will be able to survive.” 

The single is the first off an EP called “Forever,” which further displays his talent and shows the world that he’s no fly-by-night, one-hit wonder. His music is timeless and of such a high quality that his songs could be played forever. His style is unique and original, like nothing else in the game today. After years as an artist, he’s mastered his sound and created a style that is untouchable. 

Born in Queens, New York, but raised in Atlanta, music has been a mainstay in his life since age 9. Over the years he’s worked as a producer, artist, and CEO of his own indie label B-R.E.A.L. Ent. He’s made five albums (“Presidency,” “The Me LP,” “Real War,” “Silence of Lamb,” and “The Beginning”) and has had guest appearances on many unsigned artists’ material, such as Lee Danger, Capo Da Great, Jigg, Cradle Records, 2Chainz, and more. He was also in a group called Nimrod for four years. Along the way he said he’s learned a lot about the business side of music and the ins-and-outs of the recording process. 

“It didn’t come easy, but I never gave up,” he said. “I would write songs daily and perform anywhere I could. I developed my own school of music. My life surrounds my music and my music surrounds my life. I’m extremely dedicated to the success of my dreams and goals as an artist and a man. Life inspires me – whatever I’m going through at the time I could create a song about. It all depends on the mood I’m in when I write. The process of recording and hearing my voice is a wonderful feeling. And then watching something you create be enjoyed by others is the best feeling in the world. I’m changing the world through music, and I have no intention of stopping.” 

To listen to E-Dash’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 



Links to social media:  








GMB Flash - Put Up or Shut Up


GMB Flash gets in your face with aggressive new track ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ 

NEW ORLEANS, LA – GMB Flash has witnessed a lot of messed up stuff in his life growing up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The pain and suffering he’s endured is the core of the music he offers to the world – an inside look at the hard life through the lens of very good music.  

His most recent offering to the world is the hot new single “Put Up or Shut Up.” It’s a message to anyone out there who claims to be a baller or to have money to affect change, that if they don’t step up and put their money where their mouth is then they better shut up.  

“Prove to us that you have it,” GMB Flash said. “If not, be quiet. A lot of people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. This is me letting you know you better put up or shut up. A friend of mine sent me the beat and he asked me to kill it. That’s my job, so that’s what I did – I killed it. We got it to put it up – there’s no shuttin’ up on my end. Ain’t no quiet mouths over here. The goal is to show the world we been doing this for a minute.” 

GMB Flash is no stranger to aggressive and in-your-face lyrics. He’s made a career on it, in fact. For years he’s been performing at the top of the game, and his style is one that people recognize immediately for its authoritative and declarative nature. It’s the reason he was given the nickname Flash in the first place – because of his temper and the way he moves around in the streets. He’s never been one to wait on someone else to make a move, and when it comes to his career as a musician he’s been leading the way for a long time. 

“Ain’t nobody else out there like me,” he said. “I’m not a mumble rapper or doing something just for clout. There’s an actual message in my lyrics that will definitely resonate with the streets. Anyone who is even close to this type of life will feel my music. Folks who went through the type of stuff that I went through – stuck in a poverty-stricken environment where you constantly had to battle – will connect with what I’m bringing. It’s music for anybody who’s trying to elevate out of that. I don’t ever want to open up a pack of Top Ramen again in my house.” 

GMB Flash said “Put Up or Shut Up” is a single off a new EP called “Flashed Out,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a project that shows off his style and brings the Get Money Boys name into the world. He plans to follow that with the mixtape “Reincarnated” later this year.  

To listen to GMB Flash’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 







Intellect - Headlines


Former military intelligence officer offers fresh perspective on world issues with new single ‘Headlines’ 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As a former elite member of the U.S. military intelligence community, Michael “Intellect” Dowd is in a unique position to provide perspective on the multiple ills and injustices of the world. He has access to many platforms and could demand an audience with some of the country’s highest-level officials, but he’s chosen to pass on his message to the world through his favorite artform: music. His latest single, “Headlines,” is the perfect marriage of his experience and his natural talent. It’s a song that gives listeners a taste of the raw reality of where the U.S. is today as a country, both politically and socially.  

“As a black man in American who has traveled the world extensively working for the government, I’ve had the privilege of seeing other nations and cultures and their interactions with poverty and affluence,” Intellect said. “I’ve also seen race and other ethnic differences at play in other places of the world – the mistreatment of people in general. The premise of the song talks about some very raw and real things that have happened recently.” 

With “Headlines,” Intellect depicts a raw, emotional, and real reality of the mainstream Black and Brown minorities in America by law enforcement officials. At the same time, he pleads for peace and justice for everyone. It’s a song that speaks directly to the Black Lives Matter movement and the atrocities that have happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Trayvon Martin, and so many others who have been killed unnecessarily. 

“Today there are a lot of outlets for advocates, but what I feel like has been lost is clarity,” Intellect said. “Because of today’s technology and how we receive information, there’s just an abundance of noise. It used to be that there were these central voices that were easy to seek out for guidance when it came to seeking justice for the mistreatment of people. But because there’s so much data out there, people have gotten lost in the noise. Music has always been a way to connect a mass of people to a common idea, and if this record can reach a mass of people and bring them together to help us start speaking in unison, then so be it. Mostly I hope it can galvanize people and create a common dialogue.” 

Intellect said he hopes “Headlines” will encourage people to sit down and have intelligent conversations. As a former member of the intelligence community, he has a lot of experience with bringing disparate parties to the table for peace talks. Through his service with government agencies and the military, Intellect has developed high-level expertise in a broad range of disciplines that include man hunting, geo-location, cellular infrastructure, human intelligence, counterterrorism, and counter-narcotics. These are just a few of the raw materials that coalesce in his art to create his expression. Over the years he has served as technical advisor and actor for NBC’s series “The Enemy Within” and was the technical consultant for ABC’s hit show “Quantico.” But it’s music that is his true passion, and with “Headlines” he continues a journey that has included multiple successful EPs and albums to date. 

“Ultimately I want to be known for making a difference in the world,” he said. “Previously I did that in the military, but now I’m doing that through music and entertainment. The point is not to divide people – we have enough of that today. The point is to give a non-biased view of what’s happening in the world and encourage people to make positive changes together.” 

To listen to Intellect’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 


https://youtu.be/wyESO26p_RE ( 








[New Video] Elijah Dai 'Somebody to Love'

Check out the debut single from the Far Rock Pop Star Elijah Dai called 'Somebody to Love' Recently going through a rebranding Elijah Dai [formerly known as Eli Groves] has revisited his love for pop music and is introducing you to his personal sound. "Somebody to Love' is a song based on the notion that we all deserve someone to love and be loved in the same instance. 

 Get ready to sing this as you sleep! 

  Follow Elijah Dai @IamElijahDai and subscribe to his Youtube page at Elijah Dai 

 STREAM OFFICIAL VIDEO NOW ON YOUTUBE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybMkUknrhOE

Friday, June 11, 2021

Priest Da Nomad Delivers "Out Da House" (Post-Covid Album)


Legendary Washington, DC Hip Hop artist Priest Da Nomad releases “Out Da House” album. The post-Covid project is available on all digital platforms and includes guest features from soul artists Deborah Bond, Sy Smith, and J Hill. Nomad also recruits Storm the Unpredictable, and DJ RBI (on cuts).  

The 9-track album is structured as a complete night out on the town. Nomad takes listeners along for a turn-up night leading into the day after of a cookout, mini trip, the park, or anywhere to once again, enjoy the finer things in life! 

Nomad entices folks to get back into the vibe of LIFE and shake off any fatigue, sadness, isolation, etc. and get out da house.  Stream/download the album and connect with Priest Da Nomad on Instagram @priestdanomad and @priestdn on Twitter.



Apple Music


[New] Milwuakee's Rock Mack Drops New Single Bussin

Rock Mack was raised by the streets of Milwaukee County in the Ghost Town district of Center Street. For the past 10 years Rock Mack and his Against Da Grain imprint have released dozens of songs. From his first project "Stunt Money" to his most current release "bussin," Mack has maintained an edge to his music that presents an authentic look at the life and tims of the hustle and the grind in the inner city. 

 Music has always been a hustler's investment because it takes a significant amount of pressure to break through. That entrepreneur's DNA and personal investment make Rock Mack a solid entertainer to count on, the business is always first. 

 From the idea to the promotion Mack is always involved and aware of the details. It takes a lot of hard work and experience to operate nationally and internationally. Look, listen and tap into an artist that is prepared for the moment. 

  Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Rock-Mack-1082117401964508 

 Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/rock_mack/ 

 LinkTre: https://frontl.ink/3vrzqaj

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bo Boy 20 Releases New Video "Bo Man" from new Project "It Is What It Iz"

Bo boy 20 from Up the way Harvard Ave Cleveland Ohio hip hop artist. His unique style caters to Trap music and music for the ladies. His New single “don’t lie 2 me” will be the first single off the up and coming mixtape called “It is wat it iz” 

  Instagram: @Boboy20_ 

  Spotify link : https://open.spotify.com/track/4rzGRewnS3Od0e50GkLP73?si=aebcb9599c9c42dc

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE2ijw7zpps

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Kid Problem "Hellcats & Trackhawks" (Lil Durk Freestyle) Video


We Hot Music and Kid Problem present visuals for “Hellcats & Trackhawks” (Lil Durk Freestyle).

Representing Jersey, the video displays Kid Problem in front of street graffiti and his adorned car …no gimmicks or distractions for viewers, just bars. Hip Hop heads will appreciate Kid’s animated style and flow while he declares an unwavering focus on money, nothing else can be entertained. He’s been up and continues not to give a f*ck about haters or sideline rappers. Watch the video and connect with Kid Problem below.


Instagram: @1kidproblem

YouTube: @1kidproblem 

TikTok: @iamkidproblem 

Spotify: @kidproblem 

Facebook: @1kidproblem 

Soundcloud: @1kidproblem 

Twitter: @1kidproblem



Instagram: @wehotmusic


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Get To Know Gen Johnson, Celebrity Publicist


Atlanta’s distinguished PR rep and CEO of SL NEXT LEVEL Gen Johnson, better known as publicist to the stars, works alongside Safaree Samuels, K Michelle, Lil Durk, Lil Boosie, Amara L. Negra, and Shay Johnson along with Calboy, Dr. Heavenly, Johnny Lugautti and that’s only naming a few.

Gen is deeply rooted in client, corporate, and media connections to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience with a high rate of success in music, entertainment, film, and TV. She is the go-to for developing brands and keeping your favorite stars in public view.

Get to know Gen by connecting below.

Instagram @gen_johnson_


Meet Gen Johnson